H2O+ Circle Reverse Osmosis RO Membrane Replacement Filter (RF-40) Single Filter



The Four-stage Brondell H2O+ Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System (RC100):*

Stage 1: SEDIMENT FILTER (RF-20): The Sediment filter reduces particulate materials such as sand, rust and fine particles from the water supply. The first stage also acts as a pre-filter protecting and extending the life of the following filters. Recommended replacement every 6 months.

Stage 2: PRE-CARBON PLUS FILTER (RF-20): This second stage filter significantly reduces harmful VOCs, chlorine and soluble contaminants which can damage the RO Membrane filter. Recommended replacement every 6 months.

Stage 3: RO MEMBRANE FILTER (RF-40): The RO Membrane filter works by pushing water through a semi-permeable membrane thereby separating H2O molecules from contaminants in the tap water. The powerful RO Membrane filter significantly reduces pollutants such as: heavy metals, cysts, fluoride, arsenic, industrial chemicals and more. Recommended replacement every 24 months.

Stage 4: POST CARBON BLOCK FILTER (RF-20): As the final stage in the filtration process, the Post Carbon Block filter further reduces any lingering water contaminants such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), improving the overall taste and odor of the dispensed water. Recommended replacement every 6 months.

Installation Instructions PDF: rf20-install-instructions-final-040717

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3.75 × 3.75 in